Yulia Arsen
Dance artist
Choreographer and performer, she received education in Europe
(SOZO visions in motions, Iwanson Dance Academy, SEAD).
Now she lives and works mostly between Germany and Moscow.
Her field of interest as a dance maker lies on the border of contemporary dance, new theater, and performance art.
Her works were invited to many festivals in Germany, Russia and even Tanzania.
She also collaborates with theater directors and as a co-maker works on pieces in Moscow Art-Theater School, Altay Youth Theater Barnaul, Meyerhold theater center Moscow.
(solo, premiered in 2020)
RACE.lifelong is the first piece of GENDER SOLO SERIES.
It is a confrontational, philosophical and at times satirical solo. On a bleak, empty stage, the performer searches for self by deconstructing and reformatting various aspects of her being.
She moves within a certain national matrix, trying to find a way out of it or, most importantly, to realize whether she needs this exit in general. This work involves consciously deconstruction of various parts of her personality, which she then joins together in unexpected ways. Meanings that were not embedded in the original structure appear and dissolve.

The research for the piece took place in Kassel, Halle 2 (Gemany) and than was premiered in February 2020 at ZIL cultural center in Moscow.
Solo is shortlisted at the international theater festival - MOHOfest.

But I want him to like me
(solo, premiered in 2019)
"Following the performer, the audience goes through the chain of images
as if they were skimming an old photo album.
They experience the moments of recognition caused not by certain narrative, but mostly by the atmosphere and feelings, which are known – fear, helplessness, avoiding, forgiving and accepting."

Solo "But I want him to like me" was premiered in Kassel in February 2019 and then was invited to several festivals in Germany (Let me in festival, Wall Series, Tanzwuchs, TanzInTents etc) and Tanzania (Haba na Haba festival)

Artistic statement

"My focus is on asking questions rather than giving answers, and I aim to make work that allows my viewers to engage in these questions with me. Rather than illustrating, I am interested in acknowledging the present moment. Allowing viewers to share what I'm going through right here, right now. In order to create conditions where I can share my present self, my practice revolves around endurance and repetition. The tasks I create for myself function as real-time questions to my body, and I invite viewers to witness me searching for answers.

I often use improvisation on stage, because it allows me to be fully open, vulnerable, and present. This leaves space for air inside the work, for unexpected things to happen. I use movements, actions and objects as tools to reach certain physical states, which function as metaphors for existential or philosophical topics. I also write and instantly compose text."
(photo by Elise Scheider & Joshua Iype)

As a dancer Yulia have collaborated with Tomas Danielis (FEYNmen company), Agostina D`Alessandro, Ryan Mason, Jianan Qu, Niv Melamed and many others
Contact information
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+7 925 729 00 41
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